Friday, June 26, 2009

Roses and Soap

I had a few quick minutes while Chelsea was napping and decided to fore go cleaning up the house (so not me!) and make over the soap dispenser instead!

I planted three rose bushes last year. These are the first flowers, both are Abraham Darby.

We have had non stop rain and cloudy skies here in the northeast, sadly the rain is drowning my poor roses and they no longer look like this. I'm hoping all of the rain and zero sun won't permanently do them in. I'm new to rose gardening and hope to keep it up for many years to come as long as my plants stay alive!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This post is a bit late but here's to you hubby! Daddy always provides a very comfortable shoulder for snoozing...

Still sleepy...

Pow! Right in the kisser.

I made these tiny handprint plaques for the two grandfathers. It was quite an adventure getting the handprints! Chelsea was in her Baby Bjorn and fell asleep - she was just hanging there, it was too cute. So I seized the opportunity and managed to get 6 handprints (only 3 were actually usable) without waking her up! The third handprint is part of a larger family project I'm working on and hope to finish in the next few weeks.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Back to Work I Go

Today is my second day back at work. I can't tell you how badly I wish I could be home with my little Chelsea right now. But the economy has taken its toll on our family and we need to have two incomes right now. For anyone else in this situation, this book is a great read.

So many changes have taken place over the past three months. I've decided to put my pursuit of a Masters degree on indefinite hold. There just aren't enough hours in the day and I want to spend every moment available with Chelsea. Knowing I'm missing 8 hours a day with her and all that she is doing in those 8 hours is really killing me right now. Everyone says it gets easier as the weeks go by but does it really?

I thought I'd be able to have a bit more time to blog but that has also taken a back burner for now. Thank you to everyone who continues to stop by to see if I've updated and those of you who have e-mailed me directly. Funny thing is I'm actually thinking now that I am back to work I may have more time to check in on all of your blogs during my breaks. The time to be creative hasn't quite been there yet but I know it will come. Chelsea is getting to a stage where I can put her in the bouncy seat and get a few things done. Of course, once again, I don't want to miss time with her so I have a feeling anything creative that comes out of me will be small projects easily accomplished in an hour or so and probably have a children's theme! Right now I am savoring every moment with my little family and trying to balance work in there as well. I know I don't have to tell you this but those of you that are able to stay home with your children are truly blessed. I do hold out hope that could be me someday.

Now that I'm really trying to put the family on a budget, I've been looking at all kinds of ways to cut costs and save money. I found this great website. And, proof once again that I really need to learn how to sew, check out this and this! I'm trying to recruit my mother and sister to help me with the former. I'm figuring if we start now, we may finish by the time Chelsea is 5 :).

Have a great day.

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