Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Please Excuse Me For A Spell

Hello to all of my blogging friends. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend (for you US gals at least!). I am finding myself having to take a little bit of an unexpected sick leave so to speak. I hope to be posting again in a few days.

For those that have outstanding orders - I will be getting everything shipped out by Friday at the latest.

I'll be back soon and hopefully at least peeking in at your blogs in the meantime.


Lori said...

hurry back soon Miss Sugar Bear, i will miss you:) i hope everything is ok with you and yours...

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Karla,
I hope that you are okay and will be back soon! Take care of yourself!

Natasha Burns said...

I hope all is ok with you gorgeous? Will miss you! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Sugar Bear,

I know you'll be blogging again in no time cause you are a toughie! It's in our blood! :-)

Love ya,

P.S. Mom agrees and sends x's and o's

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Karla
Take all of the the time you need. I hope that everything turns out ok.

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Karla, hope you are soon back and doing ok.
Take care

twinkleshabbystar said...

Awwww!!!! I hope you feel better soon!!! Miss you much! XOXO

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I hope you feel much better soon!!! xo Britt :-)

Joy* The Vintage Rabbit said...

Hope you feel better soon!
Smiles, Joy~

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Karla...hope you are doing ok!! Take good care of yourself and feel better soon..xo Heather

Natalea said...

Take care of yourself Karla. I hope it's nothing serious...please be back soon!
Also, I need your address...I have something to send you...so please let me know what it is when you get this~
feel better friend!
xo natalea

mary said...

Hope you feel better!!
Oh, I want that polka dotted apron...i have polka dots in my kitchen!

karin@creativechaos said...

Hey Karla! I hope everything is ok...Take care and hurry back!!!

Anonymous said...


Sorry you are not well! I do hope you will get some rest and be back soon!

Jeanie said...

Hi, Karla,

It's no fun being sick. Please take care of yourself -- nice tea, sweet indulgences (if you can handle them) and lots of rest. Hurry back -- but not before you're ready!

Rosemary said...

Hope you are OK.
Hurry back,

Bejeweled said...

Hope everything is OK and that you are back soon! Take care!

MJ said...

Oh. My. Goodness. That's what my kitchen would look like if I purchased more Emma Bridgewater pottery. I gotta stop now! Thanks for the heads up!

Hope you are okay and back soon!

Sandy said...

Hope you are well soon!
Take care of yourself.
Sandy :)

Merci-Notes said...

We miss you Karla!
Hope you are swimming around soon!
hope that your hubby can take some extra care for you :)

fated follies studio said...

i hope you get to feeling better... it is such a bummer to be sick!



Hope all is well.. enjoy your "rest" time.
See you soon!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Hurry back, but take care of yourslelf first!

Jessica said...

Hi Karla, I hope you're starting to feel better now. Take care and I hope to see you soon. Being sick is the pits!

Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

Hope you're on the mend now....

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