Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I never cared for carnations. Whenever they showed up in the mixed supermarket bouquets or in corsages and boutinneires I'd always think that a nicer flower could be used. I guess I considered them too common. More recently I realized carnations are a treasure! They last quite a long time, are inexpensive, and come in a variety of colors. They are perfect for home decor. I've been purchasing a few bouquets to use around the house the last couple months (I've only purchased 3 bouquets in the last several months - they last that long!). I keep some on the kitchen table as in the above photo. I like to group them together by color and trim them short so they just peek over the top of the container.

I've also been using them on my fireplace mantle. The green bottles are plain old Pellegrino bottles (Jeff really can't stand that I'm using them as decor but I'm quite happy with them). I think the pink carnation resting on top gives it a perfect pop of color.

This is a full view of the fireplace. I've given it a face lift of sorts. The icky brick still remains as Jeff is quite opposed to painting it. I don't think I'm going to win this battle and I've toyed with the idea of painting it while he is out of the house and then SURPRISE! when he gets home but I think he would freak out. He has floated some ideas for changing the mantle and adding trim along the sides and perhaps tiling over the brick. I'm open to all of these ideas. Now just finding some time to do it is another thing...

I decided to simplify a lot of the accessories in the house. With all the baby stuff and toys I'm feeling the need to clean up the accessories to have less visual clutter. I've noticed my decorating mood changing to more of a modern clean look. The two white candle sticks were originally brass, just gave them a good coat of glossy white spray paint. On the other side are my remade birds. I'd like to change out the fireplace tools, perhaps when the rest of the fireplace gets a makeover. We had a log holder that I really didn't like and wanted to replace years ago with a basket from Crate and Barrel. I was overruled on that one too but when I saw this basket at Target a few weeks ago I jumped on it. Luckily Jeff likes it too. Score!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

LOVE your carnations on that silver platter! I have always loved carnations... especially their scent. My vintage hanky collection consists mostly of carnation themed hankies. ;)

As for the cleaning and de-cluttering, I am right there with you! I've amassed 4 kids' worth of children-clutter, which seems to be unavoidable, so I've been getting rid of some of my own things lately just to make the "mess look less"! lol

Jeanie said...

There is nothing I love more than fresh flowers in the house -- but sometimes the others are so expensive! I especially love your top arrangement, and you remind me that there is much to the simple carnation. And you tell Jeff that Pellegrino bottles are just perfect for this!

I'm always so glad when you post!

Lori said...

Karla, do you think that Jeff would be ok with you doing just a paint wash over the brick so it doesn't look so new? i would love to paint my brick too...my hubby is also not going there...but at least mine does look old...well, it is old as a matter of fact...so i can live with it...i would SO love it painted white though...i'm just sayin'...LOL...

natalea said...

funny! I always felt that way about carnations too and now I like them!
I love the pic of you and Chelsea on your sidebar by the way. She is just TOO CUTE!!!
xo natalea

Lulu said...

Hi Sugar Bear,

I love your carnations. Real flowers are always the best. Also think the mantle looks divine!

Love ya,

Dolores said...

I love carnations, they bring back sweet memories to me of my favorite Aunt's flower bed, with carnations growing.... and that distinctive fragrance.....

I love your mantle.... very clean and simple. I'd say... leave the brick.... it looks good!


Alison Gibbs said...

Carnations are definitely value for money - they do last so long.
Love your mirror above the fire place

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I feel the same way about carnations, I came to love them later, after seeing how long they last and learning to appreciate them!

Merci-Notes said...

love carnations.... later in life also!!! :)
we have brick also.. we thought of refacing with something that can easily be removed to reveal the same old fireplace for when it comes back in favor again! we have not done anything but fix our mantel and we know are pretty happy!


Jenn said...

LOVE how long carnations last, but also their strong wonderful scent!!!

Kerryanne English said...

They were never one of my favorites either Karla. Perhaps it is only after we become mothers that we truly appreciate them!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Karla, I "lost you" when I did a blog makeover and my blog roll disappeared but today I was reading a back issue of Somerset and there you were with an article on making birthday boxes so I found you again...yeah! Our old fireplace (floor to ceiling) was pinky red brick color and I painted it an off white and love, love, love it. Carnations....like you I used to not care for them but I did love the scent....then one year I was asked to do the flowers for my niece's Valentine wedding and I used masses and masses of red and white carnations. It was gorgeous. Come for a visit when you have time. xoxo Lynn @ thevintagenest

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I'm all for any cut flower that last longer than a day or two.

I always liked Carnations because they remind me of some of my favorite vintage fabric prints. :-)


Susie Q said...

Carnations are the perfect, affordable thing and they smell good too right? : ) And who would know how to showcase them better than artistic and creative you? I love it!!
Tell Jeff we all love the bottles!!


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

So pretty in the glass! Thanks for stopping by!

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