Monday, July 27, 2009

Vintage State Trays

We have a small mudroom connecting our garage and kitchen. This room has been a challenge for me in terms of decor (okay, most rooms are a challenge - I need an interior designer to interpret what is in my head!). It houses the usual mudroom staples of a bench and boot tray as well as our wine refrigerator and our coffee area (a bar table holding our espresso machine and Keurig). Jeff recently laid down new flooring and I updated the white ruffle valances with some pumpkin colored velvet rick rack bought here. Those of you that know me, know I do not sew! I used a hot glue gun to secure the trim and thus far it is holding up rather well, close to a year later.

Jeff caught the fish on the wall. It was a prize fish and he was even awarded a certificate for it. Much to my dismay, he had it hanging in the mudroom, I wanted to move it down to our basement craft/man cave area. Over time, I came to realize that he was very proud of this fish and I was very proud of him for catching it, it symbolized something and meant something to him and isn't that what the decor of your home should invoke? So I decided to make peace with the fish and just go with it, especially since it is not in the most prominent room in the house. Still, the space was empty and needed a little injection of Karla, enter these adorable vintage state trays. I found four of them at an estate sale for next to nothing and sought out the Florida tray on ebay (Jeff lived in FL for four years). I glued a wire loop on the back of each and viola! I'm really liking the way they look on the wall, now I just have to get around to painting the beadboard!

On a somewhat related note, I had to share this adorable photo. Jeff went out to the garden to pick some lettuce. It seemed he was gone for quite a while and when I went to see what was going on, he was playing with Margot and they were relaxing in the grass. So cute! As many of you know, Margot hates the camera so I had to snap this from a distance.
Happy Tuesday!

Summer Sweeties

I recently attended a beautiful bridal shower and the favors were cupcakes! I wish I had brought my camera as they were displayed in a sugary delicious tower of pastel perfection. The hostess had these cupcake boxes all around the base of the tower and you simply popped your cupcake in as you were leaving. Genius! Perhaps I have been living under a rock but I have never seen these boxes before.

They held each cupcake perfectly and allowed each tasty morsel to reach its destination unscathed.

I'll give you one guess as to how long this little beauty remained in tact...

On a yummy related note, I recently saw this in Martha Stewart Living and thought it would be the perfect hostess gift for my neighbor's July 4th party. I neglected to photograph it before I wrapped it up (and I also forgot to get clear cellophane and had to use a leftover snowman version!). It was a big hit with the kids and adults alike. The homemade marshmallows don't really hold up to an open flame very well but they were gooey and delicious none the less!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Where Can One Find Affordable Cottage Style Slipcovers?

Those of you that have read my blog for awhile know that I really dislike my living room. It is painted yellow, which I thought would be fabulous at the time we painted it several years ago but I've pretty much not liked it since the moment the paint was dry. We have the couches and furniture that hubby bought when he was a bachelor. Definitely not my style at all. I'm not complaining, in these difficult economic times I'm happy to have a roof over my head and a living room to dislike. I really want to redo our living room but it simply isn't in the budget. I floated the idea of repainting the walls a neutral creamy white (the color we originally painted and I deemed too bland - I've since matured!) as a birthday gift (my b-day is in October) but the look on hubby's face made me think I should reconsider. So I floated the idea of at least slipcovering the God awful green couch and loveseat (I try not to feature this furniture on the blog but you can get a glimpse of it in this recent post.) This idea received a much better response (and maybe I can convince him that we need to paint after he sees how the great the slipcovers will look!).

Now I just need to figure out where I can get cottage style slipcovers similar to the styles I pictured here (I was Web surfing and bad Karla did not catch all the spots she lifted these photos from - I think most are from Country Living). I was cruising the Internet but I couldn't really find anything. I think custom is going to run too expensive. The seamstresses around these parts are not cheap! Maybe I can haggle with a talented sewing friend. Does anyone out there have a good source for slipcovers?

Friday, July 3, 2009


I've loved this project by Danielle Thompson since I first saw her post back in April of last year. Now that I have a child, I figured it would be the perfect time to try it out! I'm thinking I'll take Danielle's suggestion and make one a year to chart the change. It will be fun to hang them as a group as the years progress - not that I'm looking to speed up time. Chelsea is already 4 months old and I can't believe it!

P.S. I've had several people ask how I made the cupcake liner flowers. I hope to get a tutorial photographed and posted very soon, however, a certain little baby has been keeping me from getting much crafting done (no I'm not complaining). In the meantime, this post and this post were the inspirations.

Have a great day!

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