Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Little Clip

It has been one of those months! Going through a particularly stressful/busy period at work and trying to keep my head above water. Chelsea is also starting a new stage - tantrums! Oh the fun. I completely understand she is throwing tantrums because she can't fully communicate her wants/needs and because she is testing her boundaries but it is still quite draining. The biggest obstacles have become diaper changing and getting into the car. She loves to walk to the car whenever we are going somewhere or when it is time to go home. Once we reach the point where I need to pick her up and put her in the car - happy time is over. She starts screaming, crying, stiffens so I can't strap her into her seat. The works. I've been ignoring the behavior (as I do with all tantrums) until she relaxes enough to get her strapped in. There are times this is taking 5 minutes or more and then she is still likely crying and carrying on for the first portion of the car ride. Ugh. I'm posting this not to moan and groan but because I'm hoping some of the more experienced moms out there may have some suggestions on how to make the transition into the car less stressful for us both. I've tried keeping it light, singing, making funny faces, even giving her a snack once she gets in the car. So far nothing is working.

This brings me to this lighthearted clip. I was sitting at work when an e-mail popped up with this clip. It is so sweet, innocent, and adorable and brings us back to a fun time in movies/entertainment before the rise of all this reality nonsense (I like reality shows but the fame some of these people gain is beyond me - can you say the Kardashians?). I'm only 32 but already turning into a sour puss!

Monday, September 13, 2010

How Time Goes By

Last year I posted the 3 month silhouette I did of Chelsea. I plan to make one a year as a fun way to track her growth. I just completed the second one and can't believe how much she has changed in a year! (That is our engagement photo.)

She is such a little girl now. No more baby.

She went from squishy baby with no neck... sweet little girl with loads of curls. I'm liking the way they look grouped with our engagement photo. Jeff hates putting nails in the wall and the resulting holes when I inevitably change my mind about placements. For the silhouettes I used Command Adhesive Strips. I love these things! (Not getting anything to say that - just want to share my new found best friend). They are easy to install and come off cleanly. I have started keeping them on hand.

Also - I recently had a comment from someone who offered to share photos of their yellow living room and how they decorated but they didn't leave their comment info and it doesn't look like they have a blog - if it was you please comment again and leave your contact info. Looks like we are going to paint (it is all I want for my birthday next month!) but I've been saying that for quite a while now.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yea or Nea?

So I'm a little late to the party with this one. The new redecorated Oval Office was unveiled recently and I've seen several blog posts about it. Most seem to be giving it a big thumbs down. Too boring. Too beige. Too blah.

At first I agreed but then I started to consider what this office is used for. Official United States business. While that doesn't necessarily mean blah, boring, bland - I don't think it means life of the party, lots of patterns, prints, colors either.

It seems to be a comfortable space and maybe a bit more informal than past presidents have chosen. But for the impromptu staff meeting or chat, it seems like it would work.

What do you think about the new space? Do you give it a yea or a nea?
P.S. This link has some great back story on the new digs as well as photos of past Oval Offices.

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