Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Easy Halloween Ideas Courtesy of Martha

I was perusing Martha's site for some holiday decor inspiration. Mainly I was looking for some super easy ideas as I don't have the crafting time I used to (presently I have NO crafting time - [insert my tearful face here]).

I love Martha's ideas but often find they require time I don't have. I was happy to find these simple and inspirational project photos. Above is a faux rose wreath made black by simple spray paint. The dollar store has a wide variety of faux flowers and foam wreath forms - this little diddy can be whipped up in no time and for under $10.

Loved this one too. What a great idea for Halloween night - my only concern would be that the pumpkin would be naked after the first few trick or treaters - some major sweet teeth in my neighborhood! This would be fun for a party or as an everyday candy display. I love to have seasonal candy on hand around the house - though I may have to change this as Chelsea gets older. Don't want to give her bad habits - definitely don't want her to take after her mom who considers candy a food group!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Wishes

Chelsea wishes you a Happy Fall!

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