Monday, October 18, 2010

What I Am...And What I'm Not

Yikes, it has been a while since the last post. This has prompted me to think about my blog and the direction it should take and what I am, and what I am not.

What I am not...
...a gramatically correct writer
...a frequent poster
...a mini Martha Stewart (or anywhere close to her for that matter!)
...a person that always has interesting things to share
...a good photograher
...someone who downloads their photos as often as she should
...someone who edits their photos as much as she should

What I am...
...a mother to a growing toddler
...a wife
...a daugther
...a friend
...a full-time employee of a university
...a person who gets infinite joy and ideas from blogging
...a person who is constantly (nearly daily) reading/perusing blogs even if I'm not updating mine
...a person who simply cannot keep up with frequent blog posting at this stage of my life
...a person who so enjoys connecting with you via my infrequent posts and via your posts

Phew, now that I've gotten that off my chest I do want to let you all know that this blog will be underoing a makeover over the next several months. I'm looking to create a more visually appealing page and a place that gives me joy and motivates me to sit down and download those photos! (Trust me, I want to, but the Babes has been waking every night due to a persistent cough and as a result I'm going to bed right after she does!). I have several half written posts and things I want to share. It may be infrequent and not accompanied by the best photography but that is me and I've accepted that my blog can't be as beautiful as some and it wouldn't be an accurate portrayal of my life right now anyway! My house isn't picture perfect (I'm in a constant struggle to better organize the toy area that is a part of my living room since we don't have a family/play room). I don't have the time that I used to to create jewelry and crafty things but that is okay because that time is now spent on my little girl and slowly but surely those creative things sneak in here and there.

All of this is my very round about way of asking - what do you like about my blog? What would you like to see me include more of? Is there anything that really turns you off? Would you like me to post more photos? Are there things you'd like to see me talk about (My travails as a new mommy? My crafty adventures when I do get to them? More info about CT?)

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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