Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Join us in a spot of tea

Today is the worldwide tea party hosted by ArtsyMama. Let's head on over and join the fun! Before we go, above is a photo of some tea related items from around my home. In addition to having fun crafting and creating and making dog treats, I'm an event planner and certified etiquette and protocol consultant at a university. Tapping into my tea etiquette knowledge I offer this tea lesson for your pleasure.

How to Hold a Tea Cup and Saucer

Place saucer in the palm of your left hand and allow it to rest on your four fingers (excluding thumb). Keep your fingers slightly spread apart for balance. Rest your thumb on the rim of the saucer and use it to steady the saucer. If you are left handed, just reverse.

Raising the pinky dates back to the eleventh century and is a sign of elitism (not a message we want to convey!) The proper way to hold a handled cup is with your index finger through the handle and thumb above. Your other fingers just follow the line of your other fingers.
The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and not get too caught up in the "proper" procedure. Just let things happen naturally.

I would take pictures of this but I'm at work right now! A wonderful source for all things tea and etiquette related is Tea and Etiquette Taking Tea for Business and Pleasure by Dorothea Johnson (a wonderful woman who I learned many, many things from).


Natasha Burns said...

THank you for the lesson, this tea party is great, I am learning new things and also seeing so much beauty from all around the world!
Enjoy the party and feel free to drop in and have a faux cupcake with me!

Cecilia said...

This is just the best party! It's a great way to meet creative people and find new blogs to read!
I love the memory box you made for your mother and thanks for you kind comment on my blog.
I'll come back and see what you are up to, that's for sure!

happy spring/tea party!

Carol said...

Ha ha yes I think that I always hold my cup naturally lol thanks for the etiquette, I'll try to think of when I drink my next cup!
Happy spring to you!

The Tattered Nest said...

Hi, thanks for coming by my party...I see you are a event planner! that is my dream did you get started? take care,Gail

karin said... that's how you do it! Lovely set up! Unfortunately, no tea party at my place....just the crazy spring fling giveaway chaos! Happy Spring!! Karin @ creativechaos.typepad

Susie Q said...

You have the dream job for so many! How wonderful!
Fun lesson on etiquette. We always hold our pinkies up!
I have bookmarked your blog and will return often!
You ae such a creative person...the box was so special.

Chris said...

I love tea and both my hubby and I are avid tea drinkers.

catsmum said...

hey sugar bear, thankyou for visiting and taking tea with me downunder. It was a pleasure!
I've edited the post so the teaparty quilt is up now and after class I'll add the pumpkin scones.
btw I'll have Lady Grey, white with one ... or possibly Lipton's Chai? Whichever works for you :]

purple cucumbers folk art said...

just passing threw on a visit.come on over and see my tea party folk art painting

MNScrapbookmom said...

Love the turquoise set... Happy Spring...

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thanks so much for having us over for a lesson! It's always nice to chat over tea.

Thanks too, for the pretty pictures of those sweetest ever cupcakes!! they are so delightful!

Please visit me and we can have tea. I used to do a little event planning, it's a fun but sometimes crazy job! Lidy :)

Laume said...

That was very educational! I never did know what to do with the saucer. Of course, a lot of the time I just use a big ol' saucerless mug so I don't have to refill as often.

Allison said...

Hi Karla, hope you are doing well. I love your tole tray and all of your tea goodies. We have Fiesta Ware too. And I have a sugar and creamer in that same color (we have lots of colors so when I open up the cupboard it's a Fiesta Ware rainbow looking back at me. Thank you for the etiquette lesson today :o)

allie from minneapolis

Sonia at C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Loved you tea party and lesson. You're welcome to visit anytime.

Merci-Notes said...

Thank You for the lesson! And thank you for stopping by for tea yesterday!.. I just started my blog and shop also. I want to check out the doggie boutique and show a friend! Love ur sense of humor that comes out in parts of your blog!
With Kindness,

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