Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Good Stuff

Eat, Pray, Love - I've found myself recommending this book to a lot of you lately. If you haven't read this, I highly recommend it. It is all about the author's search for meaning in her life. She has a mental breakdown when she realizes she isn't leading the life she would like to and decides to take a year to sort it all out. She starts by spending four months in Italy and indulging herself, she then moves to India for four months to study meditation and yoga and spiritual fulfillment. Finally she moves to Bali for four months and learns how to combine indulgence with spiritual life. Along the way she runs into some interesting characters who have a lot of insight to give, not only the author, but the reader.

Big hugs to Vicki for the You Make Me Smile Award! I appreciate it more then words can say! So many of you make me smile, well I take that back ALL of you make me smile (esp. you Miss Vicki!). To name a few - Natasha, Susie Q, Fifi, Bristol, Sandy, Heidi, Cammy, Laurie, Mari, Allison, and Mary. Check these gals out and you will be smiling ear to ear!

Lastly, some of you may remember the dog sweaters I posted about a while back. Check out Laura's little angel Bella! She is styling a fabulous pink number handmade by Janice, my mother-in-law.

Have a great day everyone.


*Heidi* said...

Oh, blush! Thank you! Glad I make someone smile! LOL I think I should invent the "You Make Me Blush" award now!

How is your mother doing? I'm sure you're doing your best to keep her cheered up with your lovely things!

Anonymous said...

That makes me think of the best line in the movie "Elf"...
"Smiling is my favorite!"
Thank you honey! Miss Mari~

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Congrats on your award! You make me smile, too! Perhaps we'll have some fish-n-chips together next year?! =)

Sandy said...

How sweet of you! Right back at you to ~ you and your blog make me smile!! Thank you very much. I'll post it on my blog next time I update.

Have a fabulous day.

Laura Lee said...

Thanks for posting about Bella's new sweater. Just when I hoped she might get a chance to wear it soon, the temperature rose to 85 degrees! But she'll be ready when it cools back off.

Janice did a great job. I hope I can commission her to knit another sweater before too long.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Hi again, Carla!

I just tagged you! =) When/if you wish to participate... you just list five things along the lines of "I remember when..." =)

cammyk said...

You are just the sweetest Karla. Thank you so much for the award. Hope your mom is feeling better.


Natasha Burns said...

Thank you Karla! You make me smile too!!!
I'll have to go check out Bella now!
Take care,
Natasha ; )

Cottage by the River said...

Oh Karla that was so nice of me. You always make me smile!!! I love reading your blog everyday.
Now I have to act stupid, you know I have not been blogging log and never been given that, do I pass it on?

Susie Q said...

Oh sweetie...now I am blushing too!
And humbled...if I made you smile than I am the one blessed! Thank you so much Karla!

I just got this book! I have been looking forward to reading it!

Thank you again!!


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I will have to try that book :-)

Beth Leintz said...

This is the third or fourth time I've run across this book in the past couple of days- but the first time I've actually read a recommendation. I think I'll add it to my TBR (to be read) list!

Pinkie Denise said...

Oh, I just love the halloween box you
made for your mom. Orange glitter it is great Thanks for sharing with me
Pinkie Denise

Merci-Notes said...

Sweet Karla!
You impart smiles and sweet thoughts in all of your posts! Oh, not just posts...but in REAL life! I can tell!!!
I saw the author when her book came out (on T.V.)
You have done a wonderful job describing the book!!! I must pick it up!
OH YEA! LOVE , LOVE the Doggie sweaters!!!
Thank you for listing my name to your smiles list! I have not been posting much lately. I wil make a post today about why...not many smiles there today though. but that is part of life.

cd&m said...

Congrats on the well deserved award.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Just got your note! YIPPEEEEE!!! =) Looking so forward to it!

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh My! That sweater is SO cute and so is the Pup wearing it!
Sandra Evertson

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I have been keeping my open for that book at the library... on the hot new shelf!

Anonymous said...

I am wondering how your mom is. In am sure you cheered her with that darling gift you made.
Congrats on your award!

Scrappy Moments said...

Looks Like A Great Book, Once I finish, "Living Artfully", that I started Forever ago, I will have to check that one out :)

Angie :)

Jammy said...

Oh my gosh, the doggie sweater is TOO cute!! =D

Sounds like a comforting book~


Allison said...

Thank you so much Karla!! I'm so honored. And I can sure see why you would make others smile. You make me smile all the time :o)


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