Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend everyone! Whew, I can say that I am happy to have the past week be just that, in the past. I'm the events director at a university and we are in a very busy time of year. This past week saw 4 major events and lots of hours above and beyond the usual. Now I can sit back and relax somewhat as we ease into the end of the school year and plan for one of my favorite events - commencement. It is a wonderful feeling to see all of the happy graduates and their families and know that you had a part in helping to make their big day special.

The above flowers are a beautiful centerpiece from a florist friend of mine. She does such amazing work. I love the color combos.

I have had some time to work on a few projects. My sister asked me to make a simple birthday wand for a friend of hers. This is what I came up with.

Hubby's best friend recently became a new father. We went to see his beautiful baby girl and I made the proud new mama the above bracelet representing the April birthstone of diamonds (of which I was fresh out!)

I'm active in our local Red Cross and made the above necklace for their silent auction coming up in a few weeks.

I'm really loving the way this piece turned out. I found the fun time piece and then the brooch, and rose bracelet (not pictured). All had pink and came together to make this necklace which I have listed in my Etsy.

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sugar Bear!

The birthday wand was a big hit Steph loved it! I also love what you did with that pink necklace. That time piece is so cool.

Love ya,

Beth Leintz said...

The necklace for the Red Cross auction is wonderful, so simple and elegant.

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I'm loving the wand and the floral bouquet. The jewelry is pretty great too! Hope it's a little easier on you until the end of the school year.

The Other Side of Me said...

You are a busy woman. I am so lovin that pink time piece. I may have to treat myself for Mothers Day!It is such a unique piece.
Thanks for visiting my recent post on Savannah. If you ever plan a trip let me know. We could meet in Savannah for tea!

Joy *The Vintage Rabbit said...

What a fun job to have!! I would love it! The flowers are gorgeous! and all your other goodies that you made!!

Fete et Fleur said...

Hi Karla!
You my dear a person of many talents! I love the flower arrangement in the first photo. All your jewelry creations are beautiful. My favorite is the one you made for the auction. I've wanted to experiment with small pieces of vintage jewelry for quite a while now. This post was the perfect inspiration.
Hugs! Nancy

Lori said...

Karla, "time stood still" is absolutely gorgeous!!! yes indeedy, i just love it!!! the birthday wand you made is so cute, and i love the other jewelry pieces you made too!!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Glad you had a great weekend Karla! LOVE your new etsy goodies. xo Heather

Monica said...

Loving all your jewlery creations girl!

Vicki C said...

That birthday wand is fantastic Karla.. Love it!
And the jewlery ...stunning , as always!

cd&m said...

I adore the necklace that is going to charity auction

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What gorgeous jewelry, Karla! I am so excited about you coming up here in June! I'm sure I'll be free - the kids will still be in school (except for the little one). =) Lunch sounds fabulous! =) My treat! =)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Those pink roses are amazing. I love pink roses.

Alice W. said...

Hope you are able to relax now ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is so adorable! Love it!


Whew!! You are one busy bee!!!! I love that you do some many wonderful things for the people around you.. you are One in a Million and CREATIVE!!!
Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Karin (creativechaos) said...

Love that necklace! I'm doing some stuff for Carlos school's silent auction....hmmmm I've got a few weeks too. Except I haven't started anything...I better get going! Karin

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Karla, just wanted to tell you that I posted a little thank you on my blog for the sweet gift you sent me. Thank you so much!! xoxo Heather

Bejeweled said...

What a busy time of year for you! And you still find time to create the most beautiful things. Love the necklace you made for the Red Cross!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a beautiful bouquet!

And wow! I love the jewelry you made. Sooo pretty.

Natasha Burns said...

What a fabulous wand! loving the bouquet and the gorgeous pieces you've been making. Hopefully you can relax a little now after your bit eventful week! xo

Saucy said...

Those are beautiful little goodies you've made. I like the "birthday wand", how cute!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Love, love the birthday wand. And those blue hydrangeas....spectacular. Mine were ruined last year because of a late freeze so I am really hoping for blooms this year. ~ Lynn

Anonymous said...

I love the necklace you made for the Red Cross auction!!! Sooooo gorgeous!!!!

*hugs* Dara

Kerryanne English said... were busy, productive and creative this past week.

Everything looks fabulous.
Hope you can have a more restful week this week.

fated follies studio said...

pretty wand, and the other goodies you made are great. i hope your necklace does well at the auction as an affirmation for your talent!


Niesz Vintage Home said...

You have been a busy girl.
Those jewelry pieces are fabulous!
Especially that last necklace...Its a stunner!

Kimberly :)

Jeanie said...

Your jewelry is lovely -- the Red Cross piece is particularly beautiful. I think we do similar work -- this is a busy season for us, too!

I am catching up on my blog visiting. I've missed a lot with yours!

Anonymous said...


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