Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fall Door Hanging

I instantly fell in love with Heather's fall door hanging and knew I wanted to make something similar for myself. I decided to use what had on hand and this is what I came up with. I think I'm going to add a few more flowers and foof but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

I don't know if she will see this but I want to send a big hello to my friend Judy! Judy is in the process of moving from CT to NC. She and her hubby have retired and built a lovely townhouse. I hope to make a trip down before the baby is born so that I can see their new digs. Judy and I met 8 years ago when we both started working together. I was in my first working year post college and she was making a career change after many years with another university. Neither of us were particularly looking to make friends but less than a year later we were darn near inseparable! My boss said we went together like hand in glove. It was very difficult to see her go this past week. There is certainly a big hole in my days as I'm so used to seeing her everyday. However, she is starting on such a wonderful new adventure and chapter in her life and in this day and age, you can never truly be out of touch! We have already spoken on the phone and with e-mail, cell phones, etc. I know she will remain one of my best friends. Cheers to Judy and Donald as they start down a wonderful new road!


Natasha Burns said...

Karla your door hanging is just gorgeous!!! I love it, so sweet and beautiful.
Thanks for the words of encouragement today on my blog sweetie xo

Monica said...

Love your door hanging!
very pretty :)
Hope you are feeling well and the headaches have gone away!!!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Karla, I adore your door hanging! I know your friends will love NC. I love living here!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I too liked Heather's door hanger and am going to give it a try. Yours looks great.

Charmingdesigns said...

Love your door hanger...I have to get busy and get one done. Laurie

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Karla, Wow....lots of new changes coming up in your life. That's wonderful that you can work on your "free" graduate degree and do it all on line. I remember my daughter in law working on her grad. degree at nite and on Saturdays while she worked a full time job. It was tough but she did it. Your door hanging is so pretty. ~ Lynn

P.S. I read the doggie story. How awful!

countrygirl3031 said...

Karla...your door hanging is tooo cute! Love it! Hope you're feeling better!


The Rose Room said...

Gorgeous! Rachaelxo

Kerryanne English said...

It is truly horrible when our dearest friends have to move away -I know it is not the same but at least you can email everyday.

Your door hanging is beautiful too.

Lori said...

Karla, that door hanging is adorable:) i am sorry that your friend is moving...HUGS...that must be so hard!!!

Sandy said...

Love your door hanging ~ so sweet!
It's so hard saying goodbye to friends ~ hope her move goes well.
Have a wonderful weekend.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

So pretty! I'd come knocking on that door, no problem!

Jenn said...

How hard it must be for you to see such a cherished friend move away. I don't have many close friends like that, so I know what a treasure they are. Remember you are not saying goodbye, but as you say they are going on an adventure ;-)

I LOVE your wall hanging, absolutely smashing!!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Gorgeous!!! I sooo want to make one too!!!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Karla,

Very pretty. I saw Heather's Tutorial and jumped all over it. She is so talented. I love your take on it! The Paris container is so chic!

I am sure that you will find a way to visit your dear friend! Come on down to the South and pay us a visit!

Have a good weekend.

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

That is cute, I love it, well done!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw Heathers door hanger. Loved it! The one here is lovely too. Best wishes to your dear friend!

Jeanie said...

This is simply lovely!

And best wishes to your friends on the move!

Susie Q said...

What a beautiful door pretty! You are so creative, but then that is no surprise to all of us!

I hope your friends will be happy in NC. It is such a great pace to live!


Saucy said...

This is all "too-too" as they say... especially that bath salt jar!

I am hosting a Halloween Swap if you'd like to participate check it out at

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Beautiful door hanging, Karla!

I am sorry your dear friend is moving! I went through the same thing several years ago... my closest friend from the Cape (and her hubby and kids) moved to North Carolina! Her two youngest kids were also close friends with my youngest two. It was so hard to see them go, but they are loving their new life down there. AND... believe me... once you have that baby, you will make so many friends who are in the same point in their lives as you! Not to mention once they start preschool and you meet your kids' friends' moms! =)

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