Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashcards for Baby

Country Living

I've been wanting to get some flashcards for Chelsea, simple things like numbers, the letters of the alphabet, colors, and some simple words. I searched but did not find anything that fit what I was looking for and that also had a low price tag. I decided to create my own flashcards and I wanted to share them with you. Now mind you, I am not graphics or design oriented (in a technical way at least) and do not have PS so I created these as Word documents. They are not the beautiful flashcards I envisioned in my head but they will do. I also figured a 6 month old needs simplicity and not a lot of extra design and do-dads.

I cannot figure out an appropriate way to attach a Word document or get a screen grab - I feel like I should be a bit more up on technology for a 31 year-old but it is what it is! I used Google Docs to create these links and some of the font sizing and formatting was lost (for example, the font size doesn't go above 36 in Google Docs). If you know of a better way, please leave me a comment. For now I am linking to the documents below.

Alphabet and Words Flashcards

Update: I only linked to the Alphabet Flashcards. The formatting is very off for the numbers and colors flashcards docs. If you are interested in these documents, I can e-mail them to you directly.

I also found this free download for numbers 1 - 4. Much nicer than mine!


The Rose Room said...

They are excellent Karla, well done! Rachaelxo

The Other Side of Me said...

HI Karla,

These came out great. Good idea. When Shelby was small I also found some cute flash cards at the dollar store. This way if she tore them or chewed on them I was only out a dollar. It is never too early to get them interested in learning.


Lori said...

Karla, they are so cute...and i think that is just wonderful that you are making your own!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome Sugar Bear! I like E, elephant and L, lemon! Chelsea is going to be one smart cookie just like her Mom and Dad!

Love ya,

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Very cute!
What a nice project. And I'm sure they will also become a fun keepsake.

Kimberly :)

Merci-Notes said...

I love your flash cards!!!!
Well done!
I am sorry but I can not help with your question... but I am sure some one can :)


Jeanie said...

Karla, what a wonderful idea! Terrific -- and they turned out so well! I can see a whole new line of creativity coming for you!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Karla,
That is a beautiful painted desk!

natalea said...

cute! hoping you're well my friend!
xo natalea

Margie said...

Karla, I applaud your innovation, and the finished cards are really impressive. You may have hit on a marketable product. But best of all you get to use them with Chelsea. Happy learning together. Hugs, Margie.

Anonymous said...

karla,very innovative!wanted to share some flashcards which I have found interesting.

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