Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Little Clip

It has been one of those months! Going through a particularly stressful/busy period at work and trying to keep my head above water. Chelsea is also starting a new stage - tantrums! Oh the fun. I completely understand she is throwing tantrums because she can't fully communicate her wants/needs and because she is testing her boundaries but it is still quite draining. The biggest obstacles have become diaper changing and getting into the car. She loves to walk to the car whenever we are going somewhere or when it is time to go home. Once we reach the point where I need to pick her up and put her in the car - happy time is over. She starts screaming, crying, stiffens so I can't strap her into her seat. The works. I've been ignoring the behavior (as I do with all tantrums) until she relaxes enough to get her strapped in. There are times this is taking 5 minutes or more and then she is still likely crying and carrying on for the first portion of the car ride. Ugh. I'm posting this not to moan and groan but because I'm hoping some of the more experienced moms out there may have some suggestions on how to make the transition into the car less stressful for us both. I've tried keeping it light, singing, making funny faces, even giving her a snack once she gets in the car. So far nothing is working.

This brings me to this lighthearted clip. I was sitting at work when an e-mail popped up with this clip. It is so sweet, innocent, and adorable and brings us back to a fun time in movies/entertainment before the rise of all this reality nonsense (I like reality shows but the fame some of these people gain is beyond me - can you say the Kardashians?). I'm only 32 but already turning into a sour puss!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Oh those tantrums! I remember the days well (x4)! It's really so hard for them when they can't communicate by talking... I don't suppose you have a dvd in the car (sounds bad, I know, but my youngest LOVED watching Baby Einstein dvd's in the car... in fact he was usually in fits of laughter watching them). Or save a special toy for her to use only while she's in the car, until this stage passes. Believe me, once she can really talk, things will be MUCH easier! (And stiffening up and arching their little backs... lol... why do they ALL do that at the worst times! lol)

Lorrie said...

I'm sorry to hear about the tantrums. I have no advice to offer except to reassure you that it seems like you are doing the right thing, and that "this too will pass."

That clip is amazing. Can you imagine jumping up and down like that for the 3 plus minutes of the video? What a workout!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Karla,
Love the clip.. did he get any tips on his technique from Chelsea or any other toddler I wonder? {jumping up and down} hhehe
I used to give them a kiss each time I got them in their car seat and buckled them in... and again when I took them out. I got lucky!

Is it something to do with a change in her or family schedule?? I wish I could help more.


Dolores said...

Now that's a happy video......

I wish I could give you some good advice on curing the tantrums. We didn't have child seats when our children were small, they actually stood up in the car.....goodness! That says how old I am, but....believe me our daughter threw tantrums over other things when she was Chelsea's age....about the time I thought her tantrums would never end, and I would surely go insane....the tantrums subsided.

Hoping you receive some good advice from a young mother....and better yet, hoping the tantrums go away.

Kerryanne English said...

Hmmm... tantrums - not fun!!
One of my girls liked to bang her head on the floor while throwing a tantrum so it was a bit of a concern. I had no luck stopping hers and had to endure them until the phaze passed but second time around I was wiser... either that or I was just sick of it. When Aimee threw her first real hissy fit at soemone else's house I simply threw myself down on the ground and started screaming louder than her. A minute later I realised that not only had she stopped but everyone else was staring too. Might have made a huge fool of myself but Aimee never threw another one again.
Bets of luck Karla.

Lulu said...

Hi Sugar Bear,

I like Kerryanne's suggestion for controlling tantrums. Seems brilliant!

Love ya,

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Oh Karla,
I'm so sorry you're dealing with the tantrums. Not having children of my own, I can only imagine how trying that must be.
When I was a hair designer, I had a lot of very young (toddler age) customers. Some would occassionally throw monster-size tantrums, not wanting to get a haircut. A sure-fire way that I found to quiet them was to whisper "secrets" in their ear. They would instantly calm down and stop crying to hear what I was saying. I was usually able to find something to make them laugh and could finish the haircut and they left happy.
Although it may not work for a long period of time, it might be long enough to get her in the carseat.

Oh, and thanks for sharing that wonderful clip. Love, LOVE those old movies!

Kimberly :-)

Jeanie said...

I LOVE Bobby Van -- never seen this clip! Yes, perfect!

Tantrum time -- wish I could offer advice. I can't -- except hang in there!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Karla,

Being surrounded by Mom's and kids it is so funny how each of them finds that one thing that makes us crazy. Not sure why the car triggers the tantrums, but you are doing the right thing about ignoring them. S had a tantrum only once and it was bad, but I drove home and heard her screaming for 30 min because she did not get what she wanted. It was painful not to say a word, but she never did it again.

IS there anyway to let her climb into the car herself?? Even it if it is to put her in the front seat and let her climb into the back? She is also trying to have a little control over her environment. We do everything and dictate everything and they start to want to control what they do and when they do it. That's what this sounds like to me more than the communication frustration. I wish I had more ideas. It will probably disappear as fast as it started.


Glenys said...

Nice clip. And thanks for sharing how you did the sillouette thingy some time ago.

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh that is a cute clip...and exhausting! ;}

m ^..^

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