Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crepe Paper 101

Thanks to a really great no sew tip from Natasha - I've been able to drastically improve my crepe paper ruffles! I decided to practice a bit this weekend with the above projects. The top photo is a tag I made for a christening we attended today. Our good friends have twin babies that are just adorable. The middle photo is a tag I made to go with the Florida collage I will be giving my friend tomorrow. I decided to add some glitter after I took this shot. The bottom is a little box I made for a friend.

I hit one estate sale this weekend and picked up the above lace valances for $5. They now grace our spare bedroom. The amazing thing is - my husband actually loves them! He surprised me with his enthusiasm. I wasn't sure how lace was going to go over.
This is some vintage jewelry I picked up as well. The woman who sold it to me said she has a lot more and that I should stop by her house sometime to see more. I'll take her up on this offer! She is a local woman well known in the community. I wouldn't go into random people's homes! I had to laugh because she made a big point of saying that she lives alone and doesn't invite strangers over but she can tell that I have class. I was wearing my new Sis Boom top, maybe that had something to do with it! :)

My sister and I took some time to see my cousin pitch for his baseball team. He scored two runs as well. He just turned 14. It seems like yesterday he wanted me to carry him all around and would cling to my side. Sigh... I think I'm nostalgic now, I can't imagine what it would be like to have children of my own. Happy beginning of the week to all!


Jammy said...

Karla, those ruffles are wonderful! So what is the secret??! =)

That is so funny how the lady was toward you, and inviting you to her house. What a compliment! And that top you bought is really fantastic by the way!

I have been enjoying your blog a lot lately! I love to peek in on your treasures, both created and found.

Hope work is going well~

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Karla,
Oh wow I love your ruffles! Next on my list is one of those round things in the middle, what are these called again? Corsages? I have no idea of the right word! LOL! Glad the technique worked for you, the designs you did are beautiful! I'd love to do a swap with you one day...
The lace is so pretty as is the jewelry, and you certainly DO give the impression you have class, even over the internet!!! After all, you live in Connecticut right? And from what I have seen (LOL, The Stepford Wives) there's plenty of class there!
Natasha : )

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Karla!
I am hoping that Natasha will give me a class also!!!
i like the results of sewing the paper but a new way is always a good thing.

Ok! Are you ready??? Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!! Actually all week may be important too , we will see tomorrow! So please stop by tomorrow for a minute and help out if you can : ) It invoves my daughter Caitlin and is BIG! : )
Thanks Karla!
With Kindness,

Delaney Gates said...

Oh, how I do love those ruffles!! :)

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

your ruffle-y creations are truly fantastic!!!!! crepe paper is so much fun!!!!!

firstborn said...

hi karla,

how sweet!

also, i just got your lovely package yesterday & it was such a wonderful surprise! thank you for the collage, tag & card...i really appreciate them!!!

have a great day,
mary ann :)

Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Great job with the ruffles Karla, I love the box you made, I thought it was a faux cake at first. SO pretty. Love all your finds especially the lace valance. I's sucker for lace and crochet stuff...

Gypsy Purple said...

These are lovely things Karla!!

*Heidi* said...

Karla, Show us, show us! Show us the trick to the no-sew ruffles. I love the box, beautiful! I think I'll go check out Natasha's blog now, maybe she'll have the secret there!

Allison said...

Karla, your projects are just beautiful!! They are really good - and your friends are lucky you are so crafty.


Leigh Ann said...

I'm loving those ruffles. You need to do a tutorial for us.

Love all the Cape and CT pictures. I love New England! I'll be driving thourhg for the Fourth. I'll wave. :)

Cheers! LA

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