Monday, June 4, 2007


I'm feeling kind of random today so I apologize if this post goes off in too many directions! I have a good friend that will be moving to sunny Florida in a few weeks. She is making a major life change so that her husband can pursue his dream. I'm excited for her but will miss her terribly. I have many friends and family moving lately. In addition to my Florida friend, my cousin is moving to Georgia, another friend is moving to North Carolina and yet another friend may be moving to Pennsylvania. I'm envious in a big way. I would love to strike out and try a different state (preferably one with no winter :)) but I don't have the guts. Plus my family as well as my husband's family are pretty much all right here in Connecticut. Hubby and I have been tossing the out-of-state move idea around a bit but I don't think we would do it unless there was some fantastic job offer for one or both of us. I do hope to have children in the near future and would like to be a stay at home mom so if Hubby does get a great job offer, hmm... Okay, I digress. The photo above is of a collage I made for my Florida bound friend. I used some vintage wallpapers as well as some Martha Stewart paper. I found the vintage 1950 FL postcard at the flea market. The note on the back is to a friend informing her of the sender's sister's death - I won't let my friend know that part! Can you imagine getting a postcard with a sunny FL illustration only to read about death?! The crepe paper ruffle leaves a bit to be desired but I've gotten some great tips from Heidi and Natasha so I'm well equipped to better my ruffle skills for future projects! The entire collage was inspired by a circular collage Andrea recently showcased. Speaking of which, Andrea is opening her own web boutique! Check out her blog for all the details.

This adorable little guy is from Natasha. I just love her work! I had thought I missed out on her new batch of soap holders but she saved one just for me! It is looking quite at home right by my sink. Natasha has requested some photos of Connecticut so I hope to take some scenic shots this weekend and post them early next week.

Above are some photos from a lovely home/shop featured in the latest issue of O at Home. I apologize for the photo quality. She converted a barn into a hat store - I LOVE hats! I'm one of the only ones (okay the ONLY one) that will still wear a hat to Sunday mass. My family thinks I'm out of my gourd but I tell them it takes someone with confidence to pull off a hat when no one else has the guts! What are some of your "gutsy" habits?


Natasha Burns said...

Hi Karla,
Love your Florida wall art, it's so sweet! You don't have a problem with the crepe paper ruffles!!! Interesting topic to put on a postcard, i wonder what people are thinking sometimes... "hey we're having a great time down here in Sunny Florida, by the way, XXXX died the other day". Just seems so odd and inappropriate to put on a postcard!!! (especially because it's not even sealed in an envelope so everyone at the post office could read it, and it's so personal!).

Love the magazine shots and so glad you like your bird soap dish!

I'd love to see pics of you in your hat for Sunday Mass. That is sensational, good on you for having the guts to do that!

As far as gutsy habits go.... hmmmm don't seem to have any now... when I was a teenager, I used to put face paint on my face to go to the football, and I wore earrings that I made from polymer clay in the shape of footballers (really sad!), and wore a hat that I had sequinned in my team's colours of blue and white... oh and I shouted a lot at the umpires and opposition players... but now I have calmed down a lot and don't really wear much more than a scarf in team colours to the games! Gosh aren't I gutsy! NOT!

Thanks for the lovely post!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That was so sweet to make that for your friend!
Funny about the postcard ~ I have a lovely old Easter one that says on the back "It was great to hear from you; I thought you were dead." Can you believe that?!
And good for you on the hat thing! I love hats!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Karla,
Oh i was going to say that I love the crepe` paper! Well, I imagine that Natasha has something even more wonderful!!! But I do love your original design.
It is hard when good friends move on to new adventures. Of coarse you can have new adventures right there too!
I would point out barns along lake Michigan to my husband (when we were just married) that we should buy and make a home out of! That was gutsy..of me.
Gusty now___ I decorate the way Iike, my colors...One comment I get ..."oh, your door really is yellow!" That is it,,, nothing else do they say.
Karla, my Mom and yougest sister love to wear hats and mass is one of the places you will see them! They will love to know that about you!
With Kindness,
Mary said...

I haven't tried the crepe paper ruffles yet, but it sure looks like you have them mastered. That is a nice going away gift, she will love it.

And yes, you can come and stay in my guest room and get a pot of goodies any time!

*Heidi* said...

Karla, Your Florida Sunshine hanging collage is beautiful! (Lovely crepe work, too! There'll be no stopping you now...) You must have had fun making this for your friend!

FrenchGardenHouse said...


Your collage is beautiful!! It is hard when friends move away, I know. God brings new friends, though, who will also be a blessing...your friend will love it.

I love that you wear a hat to church! Good for you!!


Susie Q said...

The Florida art is just so dear and sweet! I love it!

Postcards with writing are my favorite to find...I have some with such funny things on it! Always makes me wonder....

LOVE that soap dish!

How lovely I bet you look in your Sunday hats!


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Karla, thanks for visiting me again! It is really hard when friends move away, I know how you are feeling!! I love your recent photos-all so cute! I teach in a junior school (11 year olds), and I have to teach them all subjects xx

KLKinFLA said...

Love your blog, and this is a great post! That soapdish is sweet, and the magazine pages so pretty.

Good for you for wearing your hats! I think my gutsiest habit is speaking my mind.

Genevieve Olsen said...

I love hats too. Maybe if we wish really hard they will become way main stream again. Oh who am I kidding and who cares I will wear them anyway. If you are thinking of having kids, having family around is so nice. Right now our closet relatives are my parent's and they are an hour and 15 minutes away and there are very few people here that I trust with my children so they pretty much go everywhere with us! I envy your having all of your family around you! Look at the bright side of this now you have somewhere to visit in Pa, FL, and NC it sounds like it might be time for a serious road trip! And besides where ever you go there you are! He He!I like your collage I know your friend will treasure it. I hope that you have a good day!

Arlene said...

It really is hard, years ago, everyone stayed in the same community. I did do a long distance move, once to Las Vegas and once back home. It was hard, but exciting all at the same time. Love the collage!

Karin (creativechaos) said...

Karla, I love it! The crepe paper looks great. I just discovered crepe paper the other day and sewed my first ruffle! (I know, I know, I'm a late bloomer!)

I TOTALLY underdtand what you mean about friends moving away. Two of my best friends moved to Tennesse with in the last three years. But Our friendship is still as strong as ever. Although I miss seeing them on a regular basis....

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