Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Valentines Now Available at Sugar Bear

My shop was looking a little sad and empty so I had a creative marathon and came up with some Valentine's treats and some new jewelry pieces. I also managed to get all of my swap stuff created, packed, and shipped. I'm never usually this far ahead!

This little guy is very lovesick. He is looking for his soul mate and is ready to give his heart!

I love Valentine's Day. It is fun to celebrate love and to be able to decorate with hearts and candy!

I've been wanting to use this heart in a piece for a while now. I knew it would make the perfect Valentine's necklace!

I love big vintage rhinestone brooches. The possibilities for them are truly endless.

Another vintage brooch turned into a necklace.

This is an adorable bracelet that came to me through an estate cleaning. In the spirit of not hoarding the good stuff, I've decided to part with it.

It feels like Valentine's Day is here but I just looked at the calendar and realized it is still several weeks away! I'm coming up with some new ideas for gifts for Jeff and for family. I like to give all the parents and my sister a little something special as well as of course doing something special for Jeff. I'd share some of the gifts I've already gotten but too many family members read this blog! What are you planning for Valentine's Day?



Vintage Blue Studio said...

Love what you did with the boxes! So very cute! You have a lovely blog!


Sadie Lou said...

You have shipped for your Valentine swaps already?? *guilty*. I'm glad my husband is out of town tonight--I can stay up really late, watch a movie and get my swapping done too.
You've lit a creative fire under my bottom!!
The shop looks great!
~Sadie Lou

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet Karla, oh you have been so busy making these beautiful creations! Love the vintage rhinestone jewelery and how you have given them a new life, they are superb, so tempting!! lol Have a gorgeous day Karla :) Jenn and Jacqui

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I love old vintage brooches too and the necklace that you made with it is so pretty!

The Rose Room said...

You are so clever, such pretty pretties:) Rachael

Charmingdesigns said...

I am so sorry I wasnt able to sign up for your swap. I had been having issues with my computer, all's well now. Lovely goodies. Your gift for Jenn, sooo gorgous! Laurie

Rosemary said...

Hi Karla,
Very cute!! You have been just as busy as I. I am making Valentines as well.
Thanks for sharing,

Jessica said...

Your little box is adorable! I love the crepe paper trim. I tried to make one at Thanksgiving with an empty ribbon spool but it just didn't work. I think I needed to use an actual box. Your jewelry is gorgeous, too!! Love the rhinestone brooch necklace.
I'm decorating a little tin mailbox for my mom, as well as a "SPRING" banner/pennant thingie, that are so popular right now. I thought of getting her some personalized M&Ms to stuff in the mailbox, but haven't decided yet. :)

Monica said...

you have been a busy girl!
Love the sweet boxes, very clever with the window and your jewlery is just gorgeous!
I am tempted to shop shop shop with all the eye candy here and elsewhere this month but with the hubby having been home for a month and the trips we made and now 2 kiddos with a bday next week , I better be good!LOl

Lori said...

Karla, your little valentine boxes are truly adorable, that little window is so clever...and your jewelry is lovely:)

Heidi ( said...

Your lovesick guy is sweet! He's looking up as if to say, "Send HER in!" Love that bracelet! And I agree with you regarding family members...with them reading our blogs we can't show our cards much! Wonder what you have planned? We'll see...on Feb. 15th!


Vicki C said...

That little Val Day box is adorable with that little cupie in there.. looking up! CUTE!
And the necklaces.. simply could not be any more gorgeous! You are so talented my friend!! said...

Oh wow!!! that little guy is so cute!!! What a fabulous Valentine!!!!

Thanks again for the pretties you sent along with your recipe cards. Beth and I haven't opened ours yet, we are waiting, but the baby loves hers! I posted a photo of your packages today.

Kimla Kay said...

Love all your sweet Valentine creations and I really love your blog banner - just so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Lisa said...

Love the pretty necklaces, especially the one with a heart pendant.

Great projects!

Have a great week.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

LOVE your creations!! the box is adorable and so are the jewelry! :-)
xo Britt

Naturegirl said...

Beautiful! The box is so charming!
You have been a busy cupid! :)NG

Allison said...

Karla you did a great job on the Valentine's box with the cute little guy in it, as well as the great jewelry! You are always so organized and together - you're an inspiration to me. Great job on your creations Karla!


Jenn said...

Beautiful goodies, Karla! I LOVE the fun things you come up with. :)


Merci-Notes said...

HI Karla!!!

How can I say properly how MAGNIFICENT your sweet box is!!! EVERY DETAIL is thought of!
It is wonderful, BRAVO! BRAVO!


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