Thursday, July 17, 2008

One of My Favorite Shows

I love the Golden Girls. As a child when I watched this show - just about everything went over my head thank goodness! When I look back now and realize what they were really talking about - oh boy! Really makes you realize how innocent you are when you are a child. I just remember liking their house and thinking they seemed like nice granmotherly types. This is one of my favorite scenes. Their little jingle always gets stuck in my head.

When I was in 7th grade my family made the trip down to Disney World and I got to see the Golden Girls house! That was a definite highlight.

I'm still kicking around here in blogland visiting everyone. I don't have that much to post about right now. I am working on some new things and hope to post a few in Etsy probably next week. I just need the motivation to complete them! I guess I'm in the lazy days of summer mode.

Updated July 23: How ultimately timely for me to do this post just before Estelle Getty's passing. She truly was a great actress and her portrayal of Sophia will forever be one of my favorite characters.


Beth Leintz said...

Oh I'm sure you'll get them done- summer is for being a little bit lazy and watching reruns of Golden Girls (and The Andy Griffin show, and Seinfeld and Friends....)

You got to SEE the Golden Girls house- WOW! ;)

Merci-Notes said...

Well, I will be patient and wait! I know what you have on your studio table is going to be worth it!!!

Say! We took a family trip to Disney World and saw the "Girls" house also! I would watch it with Caitlin on Saturday nights (hockey night) . Caitlin and my favorite part was the opening song! Thank You for being a friend...daada daummm....
Thanks again for a great visit!!!

Heidi ( said...

I know what you mean about the innocence of children, what a wonderful protecion they have around them because of that! I didn't watch the Golden Girls much, but I do remember loving their home, too!

Wonder what you're making....
Happy Lazy Summer Days!

Lori said...

feeling lazy over here too...sometimes it's nice to work at a slower pace though...the golden girls are a hoot!!!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

I love the Golden Girls. It is so sad that Estelle Getty has alzheimers and is not seen any longer. She was so feisty.

Jeanie said...

Nothing wrong with Lazy days of summer -- you're just recharging! Besides, I know you are thinking of things Egyptian!

Do stop by the Gypsy, because you have just received an award for this lovely blog and the inspiration you offer!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sugar Bear,

That is one of my favorite episodes too! Must be a sister thing!

Love ya,

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I sit up until 12:00 every night so that I can watch two episodes of Golden Girls. I can practically recite the lines in every episode, but I still keep watching. Love that Sophia.

Lisa said...

Wow, what a blast from the past. They don't create many shows like this anymore. Sharp, witty writing, well acted and fun characters. Hmm, those were the days.

Everything now is so "reality" based and it's actually so far from real life.

Enjoy your syndicated TV and TVLand-lol. I'm in the mood for some I Love Lucy now-lol.

Jenn said...

I used to love that show, too. hehe They were so funny. What timing of your post, as "Sophia" passed away today. After your little clip here, I have a grin as I remember the show!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE The Golden Girls too! I used to watch it with my grandma when I was little. Now I watch it every day on Lifetime! What wonderful memories it holds :) I just love how good of friends they are and all the funny stuff, lol!


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