Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Walk Like An Egyptian

I need some help. My sister really liked the journal I made for my father-in-law and has asked me to make her a running journal. She is training for a half marathon in October and wants to write down her feelings and experiences during this time. Easy enough project right? Well the only catch is that she wants the journal to have an Egyptian theme. She has a running mantra that incorporates the Sphinx in particular. I looked at some of the scrapbook stores around here and cannot find any Egyptian themed anything. I did some quick Google searches and didn't find much. Has anyone come across Egyptian themed scrapbook papers in the past? Do you have any ideas for the design of this journal? I think the humidity has zapped my creative juices, I'm drawing a blank! Any feedback is much appreciated.



Wanda said...

Dover Clip Art has some books with Egyptian art. You could also just use parchment paper for the base...it looks like papyrus. There are also a lot of good kids books out there nowadays that discuss Egyptian archeology...you could get some ideas out of those. You's think with a BS in Anthropology I'd be more help. :)

Southern Sugar said...

I am just getting in to journaling, just getting into meaning, haven't actually done it yet. I love your blog.

vintage paper bella ~ andrea said...

Cut and paste! Good luck with the journal!

Jeanie said...

Karla, I don't think I still have your address from prize mailing way back when, but if you email it to me I will send you a good-sized chunk of this Eygptian-style wrapping paper I have a ton of. It's my "everyday" wrap, particularly for "menfolk" and might be just the thing, either in whole or using pieces of it for the collage. I'm going to be gone until Monday, but can get it out right away when I'm back. Meanwhile, I'll check, just to make sure I don't have it still.

What a great idea! She'll love it and I know it will be fabulous, no matter what you do!

Cindy Is Crafty said...

How about stacking strips of papers and then cutting a pyramid shape from it for the background? You could glue that shape onto whatever background you wanted to use and then embellish it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks for the ideas and the help. It is much appreciated. And you all have some fabulous suggestions! Also thanks a bunch to my Sugar Bear for putting the word out! Thanks to all of you I'm extra pumped for my next run. :-)


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I hate it when I am asked to do something out of my range of interests. Sometimes it is just too much of a stretch. The problem always ends up being that I am never happy with it, because I am just hitting my stride with the style and ideas when the project ends.

Bejeweled said...

I second using parchment paper for the base, it does look a lot like papyrus. If you want real papyrus, many better art stores do carry blank sheets of it.

Do you have a scanner/printer? There are lots of good Egyptian graphics in library books - esp. those for kids and those that feature tomb paintings, that would work great for scrapbooking.

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