Monday, April 9, 2007

As Time Goes By

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I can't believe another holiday is over. When I was a child and everyone would say how fast time goes by I would think they were crazy. Since I got out of college I see what they mean! I am really starting to see things from a different perspective. I look at old photos of my grandmother and think how she was my age and had her whole life in front of her and now she is nearing the end of her time and how it must feel for her. We were in Church yesterday morning and I was looking around and faces I have known most of my life and really noticing how they have aged. It just all seems to be hitting me suddenly. I don't know if it is because I have a milestone birthday coming up in October (the big 30) but I'm just really seeing things differently. And I'm not one to be concerned about age, I am happy to be turning 30 and to be healthy and have a good life. I know some are probably saying "I wish I was 30 again!" I don't think age matters, it is all how you feel and what you are giving back. I know, this is easy for me to say now!

Here are a few Easter scenes from my home. I have a few days off from work so I'm going to kick back and relax. I hope you have the time to do so as well. If I have learned nothing else up to this point - taking care of yourself is most important!
I love Fiesta ware! Perfect colors for Easter.
Everything was delicious!
Me, my mother-in-law, and Margot. My mother-in-law made Margot this cute little sweater! There is a better shot of it at the beginning of this post.
Hubby's nephews and niece in their Sunday best.
Collages all wrapped and ready to go. Hubby gave me the chocolate bunny. I don't think Mr. Bunny is going to make it through the day.
Special message to Susie Q's daughter Grace. Grace - thanks for letting your mom share your Bunny Cupcake recipe. They were a big hit!

Lastly, I have to say a big thanks to Heidi. She sent me the below tag just for signing up for an AOL screen name! Heidi, I love it! It is proudly hanging on my kitchen cabinet. How did you know my kitchen is yellows and aqua blues?!


Jammy said...

OH my goodness, I can totally relate to your post!!! I am 32 now, but this started for me when I was 29. It was a very odd shift in perception and had me a lil bit freaked out, for lack of a better description.

Jammy said...

Oh, I meant to add your package is heading out tomorrow ;-)

Merci-Notes said...

What a Beautiful Family you have Karla! I love the bunny cupcakes! And your mother In-law is so very sweet!!!!
Everything looks so very beautiful and inviting!!!
have a great little holiday from work!
With Kindness,
p.s. the back yard shot is a fav. magazine tear-out. I thought i posted that it was not mine--but i did it first on flickr..thus my error thinking I did it on the blog. our back yard is nice..but still maturing.

Anonymous said...

Whata darling Easter table you had! Love the paper carrots/cones!
Your little niece and nephews are adorable!!!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I think it all looks wonderful. I love the happy faces on the children.
Thank you for dropping by Merryville and leaving me your nice thoughts.

Susie Q said...

It looks as if you had a wonderful holiday dear heart! We are all tickled you made the cupcakes and Grace says yours look wonderful!! Me too..: )
LOVE your doggie too...
You are a special person...have a sweet week!

Heidi ( said...

You're welcome! One of the little girls at church asked me what my two favorite colors are...yellow and pink! I love the Easter smiles on the kids faces you've pictured!

Dawn Alice Rogers said...

Hi Karla, what a great post! I have had exactly these thoughts as well. Why? I have not idea. I'm not at all concerned about age. Must be a natural thing.
Your dog is beautiful, your photos of your holiday are very sweet! I wish you all the best!
(PS: I too live in CT and love fiesta ware, vintage linens and lovely golden years music! A match made in ... blog-land? or is it blog-world? Whatever.)

Leigh Ann said...

Karla, I found you through Beachy's blog. Love your blog. I'm a New England girl as well. I grew up in MA and travel through CT often to visit my family there. I'm in NY now.

I also did academic event planning for BU before kids. A super fun job!

I'll be back. Cheers! LA

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Karla! Oh Margot looks so pretty in her sweater!

I totally relate to your post as I am 32 now and when I turned 30 it was a "wake up" kindof age for me. It is so strange how I am turning into my mother as

I love all of your Easter decor! Your table looks so pretty and I love the AQUA!

P.S.~ Target is having a huge sale on their doggie things this week...I got Jada a little bed for 11.99! They had such cute little sweaters and collars too.

Heather :)

Allison said...

Hi Karla, this post was so beautiful. I know just what you mean abou time going by so quickly. When I look at pictures of my granda when she was dressed up in a costume as a little girl in the 1920's, and when she was 13 and was confirmed, or dressed in a formal gown in the mid 1930's I think of how young she was, and I wonder what she thought about. And I think of my own life and my daughter's. It's so very happy and sad all at the same time. Your Easter looks like it was a big success. You really went all out with the printed menu, the table decorations, the cupcakes. It's lovely!

allie from minneapolis

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